Making Post-Sale Management Easier with HubSpot’s Service Hub

Customer acquisition is important, but it’s nothing without a strong follow up process that delights customers and keeps them coming back. That’s where HubSpot’s Service Hub comes in. 

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Lengthy, over-involved post-sale management is a thing of the past. With the right marketing automation tools, you can enjoy easy post-sale management that is proven to satisfy customers and make them loyal. 

Service Hub provides this possibility by making attentive, personalized customer service more streamlined. Let’s look at how Service Hub organizes and automates typical customer service processes to avoid the common issues that customer service representatives face. 

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Organized, Streamlined Data in One Place

One obstacle that customer service reps deal with is the task of juggling customer data across multiple platforms. Oftentimes, data from the customer journey lives in many different places. 

For example, a customer’s purchase history might be visible on one platform, while documentation of their contact information and communications might live somewhere else. This can lead to customers’ problems slipping through the cracks. Say your customer service team misses an email from a customer asking for troubleshooting assistance with a purchase. If these communications are disorganized and the customer’s problem goes unacknowledged, you reach the inopportune pivotal point of losing a loyal customer. 

Service Hub solves this problem by integrating customer data, as well as common customer services tools, all into one place. It allows your customer service specialists to see the customer journey all the way through, from beginning to end. It also makes it easier to keep in contact with customers whenever they reach out for help. 


With popular features including:

No one will ever be left hanging with an unanswered question or unattended to problem–and your customer service team can easily keep tabs on customers to make sure they are content with their experience.

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Enhance the Customer Experience

This takes us to another key feature of Service Hub. Nowadays, prime customer service requires going above and beyond the bare minimum, with an emphasis on nurturing the customer experience even after you gain a lead or make sales. 

Service Hub offers a variety of features intended to deepen your meaningful customer relationships

JTBD 3_Power Proactive Service

Tools include:

All allow you to obtain more comprehensive customer data in order to target customers with more personalized marketing approaches.

With contact scoring, you can keep tabs on the “health” of customers via their score. Scores can help you decide which customers to prioritize, allowing you to trigger outreach campaigns when customers reach certain scores. Likewise, forecasting allows your customer service team to create custom pipelines that monitor customer activities. 

Predictive Score notification

Deliver, and Deliver Again

Furthermore, Service Hub’s fully integrated CRM ensures that you maintain important information and updates about your customers. Once again, by unifying the entirety of your customers’ data on one platform, you will gain the context you need to engage customers in the best ways possible. 

Customers expect unique, personalized attention from their favorite companies and brands. This involves that you deliver on more than just an isolated interaction but maintain positive communications and relationships with your customers. HubSpot’s comprehensive CRM through Service Hub makes this possible. Combined with the ease of automated service tools, you can enjoy the benefits of providing top customer service without the expenses of obtaining a large customer service team. 

Interested in Service Hub?

Are you interested in Service Hub for your business? Regardless of your budget, HubSpot makes Service Hub’s accessible and easy to trial at multiple price points.

Service Hub comes at three pricing tiers, including:

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Additionally, free Service Hub tools make this product accessible to anyone interested in trying it out. 

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If you aren’t quite sure how Service Hub can fit into your current HubSpot subscriptions, we are more than happy to provide guidance! Our HubSpot experts at Inbound AV are always available to provide demos on any of HubSpot’s products, as well as help you devise a HubSpot plan that best suits your businesses’ needs. 

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