Along with a long list of amazing guest speakers, workshops, and industry events, Hubspot’s annual Inbound convention in Boston, Massachusetts typically celebrates a number of updates and new features released to the platform. This year at Inbound ‘23, HubSpot announced a suite of cutting-edge artificial intelligence features designed to extend the range of its Smart CRM software. From generating captivating email subject lines, streamlining website building, simplifying social media content creation, and even sparking fresh blog post ideas, new and enhanced AI-powered tools are set to boost efficiency, creativity, and productivity. 

Inside the HubSpot Smart CRM

What does HubSpot mean by “Smart CRM”? In short, the HubSpot Smart CRM refers to the combination of an AI-powered engagement system and an AI-powered system of record. 

The Smart CRM places a focus on incorporating AI into the framework of the platform, empowering businesses to save time and do more with unified customer data, customer intelligence, and a greater breadth of customization and extensibility. Read more as we run down the most recent AI innovations in HubSpot. 

AI Subject Line Generator

Content creators can now easily generate subject lines for email campaigns, complementing the ability to generate and edit email copy within the Email Editor. Powered by email insights and best practices from HubSpot, the Subject Line Generator will read the content of your marketing email and generate three subject line suggestions accordingly. You will not need to prompt the tool, instead, you can generate subject lines in one click. 

This will make your work more efficient and scale your content creation efforts. 

AI Website Builder

Build a single-page website in one click. This makes the process of decision-making when creating a website more accessible and less time-consuming. 

AI-Generated Social Copy Within Blog Editor

Marketers can now generate short-form social media content related to blog posts with the AI-generated copy function. Generate social posts about your blogs and post to your linked social counts directly from the blog editor–all without even switching windows! 

AI-Powered Content Ideas for Blogs with Semrush Data

Bust that “blank page syndrome” with this new content idea generation tool! Powered by ChatGPT and keyword data from Semrush, this tool makes generating blog post topics easy by suggesting post titles, descriptions and outlines on the spot. 

This tool aims to help content creators save time, acts as a brainstorming tool to overcome writer's block, provides fresh ideas, and makes it easier to select content ideas that have a higher chance of resonating with your target audience. 

AI Content Assistant: One Click Title and Meta Description for Pages and Blog

Another new content assistant functionality to the setting page in website pages, landing pages, and blogs, this new feature allows you to generate SEO-friendly titles or meta descriptions with the click of a button. 

AI Content Assistant: Image Generation

This helps marketers create custom imagery for their content by generating images based on a prompt or content from the task.

AI-Assisted Report Descriptions

Understand reports with the help of AI. AI-assisted report descriptions automatically generates a description about what a report contains, what it's useful for, and what questions it can answer for your team–making it easier and faster to gain insights on every report that passes by your desk.

AI-Generated Reports

Ask a question and the Generative AI in HubSpot will answer them and create a report for you. This helps make reports and answer business questions more simple through Reporting. 

AI-Generated Workflow Descriptions

Customers frequently encounter challenges when trying to quickly discern the purpose and function of a workflow, especially when dealing with a substantial volume of workflows or users within a portal. However, with the assistance of generative AI, customers can now eliminate the need for manual summarization of workflows. Instead, they can effortlessly generate concise descriptions and subsequently edit or create new ones as needed.

Conversation Summary

Introducing AI-generated conversation summary in the Inbox. 

Active thread conversations, excluding WhatsApp, can now be condensed into a summary within the comment section. This functionality generates a concise overview of the conversation, enabling any user in the inbox to quickly grasp the context without having to read through every message. This will help save time in keeping up-to-date with the latest. 

Content Assistant in Inbox

Utilizing the Content Assistant, you have the capability to perform a wide range of tasks, ranging from crafting responses to customer queries to modifying pre-existing or generated text. This can include options such as rewriting, condensing, expanding, or altering the tone of the content as needed.

AI Chatbot

What can be better than a Chat GPT-powered chatbot for your website? AI Chatbot uses any uploaded public URL to answer "how-to" support questions on your website. The tool will also deflect lower-level service issues to superpower your website. 

Having an AI chatbot to provide immediate answers means lower support tickets–and lower support tickets are always a good thing. 

Landing Page Creation from Content Generation

Create a landing page in a flash. Use Campaign Assistant to write the perfect copy, and then, with just one click, your landing page is ready. 

LinkedIn Text Ads Copy Generation

Create the copy for your LinkedIn ads with Campaign Assistant. In one click of a button, you can have 3 variants to test for your next campaign to see what type of ads are driving your conversion rates. 

Facebook Text Ads Copy Generation

Creating ads means creating different campaigns and doing a lot of A/B testing. Rephrasing ads can have effects on the click rate, click-through rate, and even conversion rates. This feature will help you set up tons of different Ads for you to gauge what is or isn't working. 

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As we step into the future of AI-driven enhancements within HubSpot, the possibilities for transforming your content creation and marketing strategies are truly boundless. InboundAV is proud to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner and full-service business development agency, equipped to guide you in fully utilizing these new features and seamlessly integrating them into your business workflows.

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