We are thrilled to announce that Inbound AV has hit the Platinum tier of HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program. This achievement is a huge deal to our team and means so much! Our HubSpot partnership has already paved the way for much growth and success at Inbound AV. Additionally, reaching this milestone amid the COVID-19 pandemic is just one great way of measuring our endurance and commitment to our clients through this difficult period.

Where It Started

Founded in 2017, Inbound AV has taken a unique approach to the marketing, sales, and customer success strategies provided to clients since the beginning.  since the beginning. Our goal is to help our clients with lead generation, revenue growth through customer acquisition, and delightful customer experiences. A huge part of this is ensuring that we know and can leverage the best CRM platforms and inbound marketing and customer service tools for our clients. 

That’s why we were thrilled to build a relationship with HubSpot, becoming official Solutions Partners in early 2020. 

Since then, we have hit several milestones to complete the year, including:

  • 100% growth in 2021
  • Over 100% development of our HubSpot team
  • Expansion of our customer base with medium-sized businesses and publicly traded companies
  • Completion of 30+ HubSpot Academy courses and certifications across the Inbound AV team

In addition, as of today, we have worked our way to the Platinum tier with HubSpot rather quickly, reaching this milestone in under one year which is an accomplishment in and of itself. During this time, Inbound AV’s dedicated HubSpot specialists grew from just 1 to a team of over 10 people, who all truly love working with HubSpot and helping our clients get the most out of the powerful CRM and marketing platform. 

Our growth this year allows us to strengthen our practice of continuing education to keep up with developments in marketing, sales, and customer success/service. With the nature of inbound marketing, sales, and customer expectations constantly evolving, it is important to stay up to date in our field. Ensuring we know HubSpot inside and out is no exception especially as the company continues to release new features and advanced functionality. 

As Sophie Salzman, Principal Channel Account Manager at HubSpot has to say, “The Inbound AV team have all been trailblazers as far as their ability to help their clients leverage the power of HubSpot to grow their business. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty, dig into clients’ goals, and execute flawlessly to see them through. It’s been an honor working with their team and their success speaks volumes to the results they have and will continue to deliver to their clients HubSpot prospects and customers for years to come. If you are looking for a HubSpot team to take you to the next level, Inbound AV should be on your shortlist. They are terrific.” 

What This Means

While this accomplishment speaks volumes to our recent growth, it also enforces our competitiveness in the inbound marketing, sales, and customer operations fields.

Becoming a Platinum Partner requires an agency to boast an average of 18 to 40 client accounts. Out of more than 3,000 HubSpot agencies worldwide, only 1 in 20 become certified Platinum. Furthermore, this also makes us 1 of only 30 platinum-tiered partners in California, out of 380 total HubSpot solutions partners in the state. Additionally, there are fewer than 200 such agencies in the United States.

Commitment to Our Customers and Clients

As a certified HubSpot Platinum Partner, Inbound AV will continue to provide in-depth, unparalleled expertise and opportunities to our clients.

Reaching the Platinum tier guarantees that our clients receive service from some of the most highly trained digital experts. A platinum partnership also provides partners with exclusive access to the latest HubSpot products, making us a cutting-edge resource for any clients looking to optimize their HubSpot subscriptions.

Another reward to being a platinum-tier agency is getting invited to the top inbound conferences in the world and meeting marketing influencers. This ensures we bring our clients only the latest and most innovative tools, strategies, and insights. 

Moving Forward

As we come upon a new year and a horizon of more growth, Inbound AV is honored to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner. Our partnership with HubSpot not only allows us to provide stellar services to our clients but also aligns with our spirit to always strive towards improvement. 

At Inbound AV, we want nothing more for our clients than to scale, reach new heights, and stand apart from their competitors–and there’s no better way for us to do this than to set an example. From our accomplishments with our HubSpot Partnership to our business growth in the past year, we are paving a bright road ahead filled with more perseverance and betterment.

Onwards and upwards! 

Growth on your mind for 2022 and beyond? Interested in learning more about HubSpot? Want help getting started with HubSpot and implementing the solution? Feel a need to optimize your HubSpot subscription? Inbound AV is here to help.

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