Logo design and Brand system

Logo design is an old craft and the steps required to create a successful logo haven't changed much, despite logo use changing in many ways. Thanks to technology, the ordinary use of a logo is now on websites, social media profiles, or any other digital channel. This has opened up many more opportunities, allowing businesses to go beyond using mere logos to building brand systems. Brand systems at the basics assure visual consistency in all the uses of the logo, and graphic elements of a brand, such as colors, icons, typography, hierarchies, and more. On a deeper level, a brand tells a story, can determine the complete user experience of a business, and is ever-evolving like its users. We help you design or redesign your brand to last.

Your unique Voice and Story

A brand also has a narrative, a voice, and a tone that speaks to your audience about relevant topics, in a particular way. A business brand tone of voice conveys your brand persona and core values using specific words and manners to communicate with your audience. Users want content that speaks to them in a meaningful and consistent way. Some examples of tone of voice are: neutral, friendly, encouraging, warm, inspirational, confident, assertive, and inspirational. Defining your business target audience and your brand’s core values are key to setting the tone of voice, creating your unique narrative, and making sure it's expressed correctly in all channels. Our experts in branding and content strategy can help you create and tweak your brand's voice for a successful brand strategy.


A meaningful Value Proposition

A business's value proposition communicates the main reasons why a product or service has value to specific customers by solving a problem they are having. At its core, it's a foundational statement for a brand. It has to be easy to read, easy to understand, and apparent at every point of contact. Value propositions that stand out have a particular structure. It normally has a short, clear header that communicates the delivered value to the customer. There is also an explanation below the header on how this is expected to be met. Creating a meaningful value proposition takes expert advice and a global consideration of your business core values and brand system. We can help.

Be someone to remember

The fact that your customers can remember your brand, which is called "Brand recall" is one component of brand awareness. Brand awareness is the total knowledge of a business name and its products or services, industry, values, logo, and value proposition. Achieving brand recall in your customers gives your business a competitive advantage for several reasons. It triggers an inspires referrals, makes users more willing to promote your business, fosters loyalty, makes marketing actions flow easily, and adds user satisfaction to every point of contact with your audience. As a part of your strategy, we help you craft your brand to be remembered.


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