A March 2023 Roundup

One reason InboundAV recommends ActiveCampaign to small and mid sized businesses is because the marketing automation platform is constantly making updates and improvements to help users reach their marketing and sales goals. From the implementation of AI-powered Predictive Content to updates on their Apps, Integrations, and Automations, this article highlights all the latest features added for the month of March. Read on to find out how these updates can help you streamline your marketing campaigns and provide a better experience for your customers.

Predictive Content

The goal with this advanced marketing automation tool is to ensure that your business is sending the most effective message to each customer. You can now create multiple versions of copy, and Predictive Content technology will deliver the most suitable message to the right person.

Predictive Content is a powerful tool that enables businesses to provide their customers with exactly what they want to see. The data science team works behind the scenes in the email builder to help deliver personalized content effortlessly.

Personalizing content on the individual level has three key benefits:

  • Boost engagement: By tailoring your content to each individual customer, you'll see higher levels of engagement and a greater likelihood of conversions.
  • Eliminate guesswork: Predictive Content takes the guesswork out of customer engagement by using data to predict the best content for each individual.
  • Gain insights: In addition to segmentation and personalization tags, Predictive Content gives you valuable insights into the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.

Apps and Integrations

Flexibility to remove remaining custom object once app is disconnected

This new release enables users to delete any remaining custom objects from an integration directly within the platform without having to make an API call. This improvement will enhance the user experience by allowing them to view a clean contact layout after an integration has been disconnected. Users can access this feature within the platform by navigating to Manage Data > [custom object integration] > Actions.

It's important to note that users will need to refresh the page once the integration has been disconnected to view the delete object action.


Updates to segmentation preview and visual updates for goal

The Goal Action has been updated to enhance usability and ensure consistency with other actions that provide segmentation. The update includes an inline segmentation preview and hover state, making it easier to use. Additionally, conversions linked to Goal actions now feature an updated visual change, maintaining consistency and cohesion within the builder.

Customer love Enhancements

Every month ActiveCampaign takes customers’ top requests into account and implements a number of “Customer Love Enhancements”. Additional updates this month include the following top customer requests: 

  • UI enhancements
  • Navigation improvements
  • Performance upgrades, including integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft 365.

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integration improvements

The integration experience for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics has been improved to enhance page loading speed and streamline the integration setup process for users.

Activation count added to setup screen during sync process

To improve the integration setup process, a real-time feedback feature has been added to the setup screen, allowing users to monitor their progress and ensure that all necessary sync flows have been activated correctly.

Microsoft Dynamics sync optimization

The sync process for Microsoft Dynamics has been optimized, enabling users to customize their specific sync criteria and experience faster processing times.

ActiveCampaign has continued to enhance their platform with new features and improvements to provide the best possible user experience. From Predictive Content to Apps and Integrations, and Automations, the updates for March offer businesses more flexibility and efficiency in their marketing campaigns. Make sure to take advantage of these new features. Reach out to InboundAV on how we can integrate ActiveCampaign to help you scale your business as you grow.

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