ActiveCampaign makes marketing and sales automation accessible to all businesses today, offering cutting-edge tools to accomplish your goals at a very competitive cost.


• Marketing automation
• CRM and Sales automation
• Email marketing
• Landing pages
• Sales engagement automation
• Customer Service and support
• Transactional Email
• Integration with your tech stack


InboundAV provides clients with high-level ActiveCampaign management.

• High performance automation development by our experts
• Contact, list, and automation creation and cleanup
• Retargeting strategies
• Campaign planning and strategy
• Active Campaign training
• Custom Integrations implementation
• Work with an ActiveCampaign Official Agency Partner

How does ActiveCampaign help you with your
marketing, sales, service and operations?

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate repetitive, manual marketing activities such as sending emails to prospects and customers, advertising, and scheduling social media posts. As well, marketing automation is used to track and gather specific data from the customers activity and interests in order to refine and personalize each customer's journey. Eventually increasing your qualified leads, growing sales and having more happy customers so your marketing efforts become more profitable. 

Benefits of marketing automation
* Analyze, profile and segment your customers at scale.
* Eliminate repetitive work to focus on what truly matters.
* Save time and money while maximizing your return of investment.

ActiveCampaign offers a highly intuitive tool for creating marketing automations the will help you engage your contacts and have them perform the actions you expect them to do for your funnel, to grow your sales and make them happy.

activecampaign - segmentation-2

What are some of the common ways to use marketing automation with ActiveCampaign?
* Email marketing
* Social media scheduling and posting
* Retargeting
* Refine and realign your Customer Journey
* A/B split testing
* Data gathering and redistribution across channels 

InboundAV can help you design, create, implement and iterate on the most efficient marketing automations for your business in ActiveCampaign. Trust your marketing automation to an ActiveCampaign Official Partner, schedule a call today.

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CRM and Sales automation in ActiveCampaign

Implementing sales automations is vital for companies nowadays. In short, it improves efficiency by streamlining and optimizing the sales process. Sales automation and CRM tools eliminate repetitive tasks like data entry and order processing, allowing sales representatives to focus on building customer relationships and closing deals. This boosts productivity, increases conversion rates, and generates higher revenue. Additionally, sales automation ensures consistency by standardizing processes, minimizing errors, and improving the customer experience.

Sales automation also provides valuable insights through data analytics. By capturing and analyzing sales data, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and market trends. These insights help identify bottlenecks, spot sales opportunities, and adjust strategies accordingly. With data-driven decision making, companies can personalize their approach, target the right customers, and improve forecasting for proactive planning. Overall, sales automation equips companies with the tools and information needed to drive growth, improve profitability, and stay competitive in today's dynamic business landscape.

ActiveCampaign offers robust tools to both automate your sales process and take advantage of the CRM tools within the platform, and/or integrate it with your existing tech stack. InboundAV has extensive experience in both sales automation onboarding and implementation in ActiveCampaign and creating integrations with other apps. Schedule a meeting today.

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Email marketing means ActiveCampaign

Email marketing involves sending commercial messages, promotional content, or newsletters to a specific audience as part of a digital marketing strategy. The main objective is to establish a connection with potential customers or current clients, increasing brand recognition, promoting products or services, and ultimately driving sales. By implementing an effective email marketing strategy, your brand can consistently attract new leads. Automation tools can further expedite this process, turning potential customers into subscribers and boosting sales effortlessly.

Email marketing stands out as the most effective among various marketing channels due to its proven capacity to make conversions and transform leads into loyal customers, . At InboundAV we are experts in designing and implementing email marketing campaigns in ActiveCampaign, with all that it entails: email templating, copy, list segmentation, automations and full setup. Schedule a meeting today to know more about our ActiveCampaign services.

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Sales engagement automation

Existing sales engagement solutions lack transparency, leaving both sales and marketing departments uninformed. Sales representatives are unaware of nurture campaigns, and marketing teams have no insight into individual sales conversations. This disconnect leads to fragmented customer experiences. This is where sales engagement automation comes to the rescue: it solves these issues by focusing on customers and implementing a unified engagement strategy.

Sales engagement automation in ActiveCampaign empowers businesses, regardless of their size, to tap into the advantages of account-based marketing and sales engagement solutions effortlessly. It automates the task of delivering highly personalized experiences at every stage of the sales pipeline, ultimately improving efficiency and expediting the closure of deals. We can help you design and implement all your sales engagement automations, creating all necessary connections between teams and the most relevant reports. Schedule a meeting today with our experts today to know more about Sales Engagement Automation with ActiveCampaign.

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Service and technical support with ActiveCampaign

Anticipating customer needs and enhancing each interaction is essential. It involves establishing connections between conversations occurring across marketing channels, nurturing automations, and customer service, with the ultimate goal of providing a fully personalized and integrated customer experience. Another important aspect of customer delight is the identification and recognition of the most valuable customers. By offering incentives or exclusive deals to customers who make repeat purchases, businesses can foster loyalty. Additionally, creating communities comprising loyal customers who advocate for the company helps in organic customer base expansion, generating growth from within. Our team at InboundAV can strategize with you on the most efficient tools to implement within your ActiveCampaign account to render the best Service and Technical Support experience for your customers. Schedule a meeting today.

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Custom Integrations with your tech stack

Integrate your current tech stack with ActiveCampaign to build a seamless customer journey, automating your operations and making both your customers and your teams happy. Connect ActiveCampaign with your tools using deep data integrations, native API with great documentation, building automations including native integrations, or using middleware as a connection tool. Native Integrations examples: Slack, Twilio, Google Sheets. Deep Data Integrations examples: Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce. Middleware examples: Zapier,, etc. Data integration keeps your data organized and up to date across multiple software platforms. Integrations allow you to connect those platforms and integrate data to create meaningful insights and enhance collaboration across your organization. At the same time, keeping your data connected ensures you are up-to-date with your contacts and customers. Our experts in ActiveCampaign integrations at InboundAV can help you strategize, map and implement the best custom integrations to meet your needs. Schedule a meeting today.

Send Transactional Emails with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign's core strengths are no doubt email marketing, service, sales, and marketing automation. Now, what if you could also send your app-based transactional emails with ActiveCampaign too using the same automations, while ensuring deliverability, tracking opens, click-through, and other metrics? You can.

What are transactional emails? They are one-to-one messages that the recipient is expecting to receive. They are triggered by the user and do not require an unsubscribe link. Examples of transactional email are: 
* Order confirmations
* Password resets
* Sign up confirmations
* Appointment reminders
* Subscription change notifications
* Notifications you send to your users
* Other app-based one-to-one email communications.

ActiveCampaign lets you personalize the transactional emails you send to your customers using their contact data -like name, date of purchase, location, etc.- and customize the email appearance using the drag-and-drop editor to create templates that make your brand stand out in every message.

Unifying all the messages you send to customers and ensuring a cohesive experience sounds like a dream. With ActiveCampaign, transactional email service using Postmark it's possible. Our experts at InboundAV can help you set up the automations and refine the connection that ensures your marketing and promotional messages, sales messages, and transactional messages are all a part of a connected customer journey that puts your customers first. Schedule a meeting with our ActiveCampaign experts today.

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Custom workflows
Maximize your marketing efforts

ActiveCampaign stands out with its ability to host custom email automation, centralized customer data, and merge sales/marketing processes.  Like any highly intricate and customizable platform though, it can be difficult to learn how to harness the full potential of the software.  Our ActiveCampaign experts mitigate the difficulties associated with the steep learning curve and unlock the full capabilities of your business’ subscriptions, strategizing the best automation approach for you.

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