HubSpot just got a little bit smarter. Now entering the chat: ChatSpot!

Imagine the power of ChatGPT and Dall E-2 coming together directly within the equally mighty HubSpot CRM. We get a game-changing AI tool: ChatSpot.

Companies including InboundAV and many of our clients have adopted the use of AI technologies in daily operations. These AI tools can automate tasks, improve customer experience, and enhance business decision-making processes. And no, this isn’t a scene out of Terminator where a war between AIs and humans is looming. In fact, we all can leverage these tools to our business advantage.

About ChatSpot

ChatSpot is unique amongst all the other AI tools out there in that it resides directly within the HubSpot CRM. It is designed to automate customer service, improve lead generation and conversion rates, identify trends, and make data-driven plans.
Here are some functions it can perform:

  • It can add contacts and look up companies.
  • ChatSpot can create reports, upload them to Google Documents of your choice, and save these reports in the CRM. You can even schedule it to send these reports directly to your email.
  • ChatSpot can create blogs based on keywords reports, save them in HubSpot, and generate an image relating to the blog topic.

You can sign up for the waitlist for early access to the tool at

ChatSpot adds to rapid advancements in AI business tools

AI technologies are revolutionizing how businesses perform—generating creative ideas and concepts for marketing campaigns, product development, and other business initiatives. Read more about HubSpot's growing repertoire of AI-powered tools in our latest HubSpot updates blog

A couple of months ago we discussed projected Martech trends in 2023. Since then, even more AI technologies have emerged to revolutionize how businesses perform. This includes integrations with CRMs such as HubSpot, generating creative ideas and concepts for marketing campaigns, product development, and other business initiatives.


Talk to us about your tech stack

InboundAV is an experienced HubSpot solutions partner with added experience in implementing a variety of AI tools for clients. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water with AI tools or they’re familiar territory for your business, we’re here to offer support in leveraging mar-tech AI to grow your business. Talk to us about how you can adopt ChatSpot to your business's advantage.

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