Instead of changing your processes and workflows to work for the system, CRM customization primarily allows you to shape the system in a way that works for you. During Inbound 2023 hosted earlier this month, HubSpot launched a series of product updates that provide businesses an increased flexibility over their data in the platform. These changes aim to upgrade HubSpot’s CRM suites to meet current business demands. Scaling businesses need an agile CRM that adapts to changing processes quickly. This means having a CRM that is not only easy to use but is flexible. 

Make way for Scalability and Flexibility 

Scaling organizations frequently have to decide between a powerful, pricey CRM and a cheap, rigid CRM. As a result, they struggle to effectively communicate the appropriate information to their team, which hurts adoption rates and productivity. Businesses are put under a lot of stress when they aim to scale, and it can seem difficult to do so without confusion, inefficiencies, and expense. 

In the face of tightening budgets and changing times, businesses need a CRM platform that is not only easy to use but is easy to adapt. This is the HubSpot Smart CRM advantage.

CRM customization increases efficiency by allowing for flexibility. The HubSpot Smart CRM combines award-winning ease of use with strong customization to produce a solution that is easy to adapt. With centralized and pertinent data, teams can concentrate their efforts on creating meaningful relationships with the one that matters most to our businesses: our customers.

Meeting Customer Demands 

In the pursuit of enhanced productivity, top-tier organizations are adopting a strategic approach that centers on building meaningful customer connections based on relevance. Rather than emphasizing sheer volume, these forward-thinking companies prioritize quality interactions, shifting their focus from mere activities to tangible outcomes, recognizing that the true measure of success lies in delivering value and solutions that address genuine human needs rather than relentlessly pushing products. 

This perspective underscores a fundamental change in how businesses engage with their customers, acknowledging the importance of empathy and a customer-centric mindset in today's ever-evolving market landscape.

What does Customization look like?

CRM customization predominantly pertains to how a company structures and presents its data model within HubSpot. Businesses can efficiently model, configure, and extend data, including the option to:

  • Model data in HubSpot Smart CRM can define the most efficient mode of presenting information
  • Configure data in the Smart CRM means providing the right information at the right time 
  • Extend the reach of the Smart CRM consolidate internal and external information and drive efficiency

The result? 

CRM customization has a meaningful financial impact on your company and improves the experience for the most important part of your business: your customers. A higher level of customization allows your business to meet customer expectations and demands with more accuracy and efficiency. Users with customizable CRMs are 1.2X more likely to experience high company growth. 

How InboundAV Can Help

HubSpot CRM customization promotes growth, income, and scalability. However, this also costs money, work, and time. Working with a HubSpot Solution Partner here is a wise and strategic option. In light of the anticipated rise in demand, InboundAV is here to provide new services that support CRM customization.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner and full-service business development agency, InboundAV specializes in helping growing businesses achieve scalable success. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including custom integrations, automated workflows, onboarding, training, and ongoing support services to ensure your team is fully equipped to maximize the benefits of the HubSpot platform. InboundAV has the expertise to support your business at every stage of growth: implementation, optimization, or ongoing management.

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