Access the cookie scanning BETA feature on HubSpot


Have you tried out HubSpot’s new Cookie Scanning feature?

Currently in public beta, this is an incredibly useful tool for Super Admins and CMS Hub developers. Cookie Scanning helps you confirm your compliance with GDPR requirements, a crucial practice for all websites. It’s meant to be used in conjunction with HubSpot’s Data privacy & Consent settings, which help manage privacy settings and options for visitors to your site.

Check out our video which explains why you want to be using this feature, how to access it, and what you can do with it once it’s set up.


Why Complying with GDPR matters: 

While GDPR may be an EU policy, all companies must comply with the regulations if they have any business in the EU. If your site is being viewed in the EU, it’s your responsibility to comply.

How HubSpot Helps:

HubSpot makes it easier to comply with these regulations with tools like Cookie Scanning, as well as cookie and privacy consent popups you can embed on your website (and now customize).

Cookie Categories:

There are 5 different types of cookies HubSpot categorizes with the Cookie Scanning feature:

  1. Necessary cookies - Essential cookies that do not require consent.
  2. Analytics cookies - Non-essential cookies controlled by the cookie banner. If you're a visitor to a site supported by HubSpot, you can opt out of these cookies by not giving consent.
  3. Functionality cookies - Cookies that optimize the website's functioning. They can also be used to personalize the visitor's experience and store chat history. 
  4. Advertisement cookie - Ad pixel cookies (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google) that you can opt to install using the HubSpot ads tool.
  5. Cookies from third-party systems - HubSpot cannot control cookies placed by third-party scripts on your website. When a visitor accepts cookies via the HubSpot consent banner, they consent to HubSpot's cookies only.


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