The Art of Lead Scoring: Boosting Conversions with ActiveCampaign

Lead scoring provides valuable insight into how leads behave and progress through your marketing and sales funnels. This helps identify qualified leads and measure the activities most likely to convert leads.

ActiveCampaign’s Lead Scoring involves assigning a numerical value to leads based on how likely they are to make a purchase. It helps marketing and sales teams prioritize their efforts.

There are two main types of data used for lead scoring:

  1. Explicit data include demographic attributes the lead provides directly, like job title, company size, industry, and location. This data is relatively straightforward.
  • Implicit data involves analyzing a lead's actions and behavior to gauge interest. This includes things like a lead downloading content, visiting a website, engaging in emails, watching videos, and attending webinars. Implicit data provides a more holistic view of a lead's purchase intent.
By considering both explicit and implicit attributes, marketers and sales teams gain a more complete picture of each lead to better target their efforts on the most qualified opportunities.

ActiveCampaign’s Lead Scoring benefits

  1. Lower marketing and acquisition costs
  2. Higher conversion rates (CVR) and time saved
  3. Improved sales and marketing alignment
  4. Increased revenue

How to create a lead scoring system in ActiveCampaign

Once you have the platform ready with all the configuration and integrations our business needs, you can start creating our own personalized lead scoring system.

The “Scoring” option can be found in the contacts section from the left sidebar menu:

Once there, you can start creating your rule sets by clicking on the “Add a score” button in the upper right corner of the page:

This will allow you to create a new set of rules for either a contact or deal score.

Then, a familiar conditions screen will pop up, allowing you to input your conditions.

You can decide for each of your rules to either add or remove points to the lead score.

Make sure to complete and set your Lead Score Rule to Active in the upper right corner:

**Please note that rules only run once for each contact, so the use of automations to add or subtract repeating point values will be necessary.


When your sets of rules are ready and active, you will be able to start creating the automation for recurring/repetitive ones, so those can work detecting these specific activities to adjust contact/lead scores each time these are matched.


3 Most Common Lead Scoring Mistakes

  1. Focusing only on fit or interest, not both. Lead scoring should consider both lead characteristics (fit) and behavior (interest). Fit factors like demographics and company characteristics, as well as interest factors like engagement and behavior. Assigning points evenly between fit and interest rules helps identify leads with high potential.

  2. Assigning points arbitrarily. Simply deciding some rules seem important and assigning high-point values is an imprecise approach. A systematic process that determines optimal point values based on data and testing leads to a more balanced system.
  • Using a ‘too simple’ system. While simplicity has benefits, a lead-scoring system with only a few broad rules cannot identify and prioritize the very best leads. You need a nuanced system with multiple rules to truly separate ready-to-buy leads from the rest. Aim for more than just 3 or 4 rules to make that distinction.

The key is to develop a balanced lead scoring system that considers both fit and interest factors, assigns points methodically based on data, and applies enough granular rules to truly differentiate your highest potential leads. Avoiding these common mistakes can help optimize your lead-scoring approach.


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