Save Time by Copying and Pasting Workflow Actions

If your team is looking for ways to save time without sacrificing work quality, InboundAV has the perfect HubSpot trade secrets for you today.

As marketers, we all have been there. We have to allot extra time to build entirely new workflows for every campaign. The attention to detail required to avoid missing an important piece of the puzzle should not be sacrificed, but it can also be time-consuming. 

HubSpot's ability to copy and paste actions between workflows is a huge time-saver. 

Here are 3 ways marketers can benefit from this functionality:

  1. Reuse proven sequences. If you have an email sequence that converts well, you can copy it to use in another workflow for a new campaign or audience segment. This ensures consistency and optimization.
  2. Make minor tweaks. You may have a workflow that's close to what you need for a new campaign but requires some small changes. Simply copy the existing workflow and make the necessary edits. This is faster than building from scratch.
  3. Streamline integration setup. When leveraging a webhook or custom integration, you only have to set it up once. Then copy and paste the action into any workflow that should trigger the integration. This eliminates having to build the connection every time.

Following our set of best practices on organizing and labeling copied actions within HubSpot will help ensure a clean and well-sorted workflow management system for easy reference and future edits.

When copying workflow actions in HubSpot:

  • Add a descriptive name for easy identification
  • Use consistent folder structure within each workflow type
  • Add details in the action description

By following these practices, your team can maintain an organized collection of workflow actions that can be searched, understood, and repurposed with ease. This enables faster iterations and more efficient campaign development over time.

The ability to duplicate and transfer workflow actions gives marketers an efficient way to repurpose proven and optimized sequences, make quick changes, trigger third-party app integrations, and most importantly, quickly get started with new campaigns. Ultimately, your team can benefit from spending less time building from the ground up and more time improving results.

InboundAV is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner providing a full range of HubSpot services including training, onboarding and implementation, strategy and consulting, building workflows, syncing data imports, and executing custom integrations. Ultimately, our team of experts helps businesses leverage HubSpot and maximize the ROI of the platform. 

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