HubSpot has a LOT of integrations–which ones do you need? While different businesses may make use of different tools in HubSpot, some integrations are essential for almost all HubSpot users.

We’ve compiled a list of the top integrations that we think everyone should try out. These are integrations with platforms that almost every business uses for day-to-day productivity, including the Gmail or Outlook inbox integrations, calendar integrations, and the Slack integration. 

→ Gmail/Outlook inbox–whether you use Gmail or Outlook as your business email inbox, both integrate similarly with HubSpot. These tools bring the power of HubSpot to your inbox, allowing you to access all of your inbox tools, like:

  • Email templates 
  • Meeting information 
  • Full HubSpot CRM details about your contacts
  • Instant contact creation in HubSpot when you email someone new

All without leaving your inbox.

→ Google/Outlook calendar–again, the implementation of these integrations are similar regardless of if you are a Google or Outlook user. 

These 2-way integrations sync your calendar with your meeting records in HubSpot, while allowing you to schedule meetings directly within HubSpot which then show up on your calendar. 

Full features include:

  • Log a meeting in the CRM
  • Create a calendar event for logged meetings
  • Send invites to meeting guests all from HubSpot
  • Meetings created in Google or Outlook for any HubSpot contacts will show on that person’s contact record in the CRM

→ Slack–this integration is useful for any organization that uses Slack as a daily form of communication, especially for sales and customer care teams. 

When you sync HubSpot with Slack: 

  • Keep all incoming conversations in the same place your team members communicate with each other
  • Get notified in a designated Slack channel about incoming chats from your website
  • See conversation status within the chat notification 
  • Respond to those incoming chats within Slack
  • Take action from those and turn Slack messages into a HubSpot task or ticket

At their core, all 3 of these integrations make communications and daily operations easier and more unified, helping you keep track of all of your conversations. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, service, or another department, these tools will prevent you and your team from missing any key information from prospects, customers, and colleagues. 

What integrations do you want to know more about? Check out our tutorial on setting up the WhatsApp-HubSpot integration. Leave a request in the comments section and we’ll make sure to include it in our series Integrations on the Spot. 

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