What’s to Gain with HubSpot’s 2022 Service Hub Relaunch

Announced last month, HubSpot’s Service Hub relaunch brings new opportunities for companies to prioritize the customer experience. Service Hub’s relaunch focuses on the goal of delivering both efficient and authentic customer service. A list of new features and functionality cater to not only customer service departments, but also to marketing and sales departments in order to deepen high quality customer interactions across all parts of the customer journey.

Service Hub works to unburden service processes by making it easier to organize, target, and nurture customer relationships. Long-standing features ensure that customers won’t slip through the cracks, while making it easy for companies to maintain personal and meaningful communications with customers. 

What’s New

Inspired in part by HubSpot’s community ideas forum, Service Hub’s new features go even further to improve both the productivity and quality of customer service interactions. The relaunch includes updates on some of the Hub’s pre-existing core features, rolling out a more advanced search function, and more comprehensive conversation forwarding options. 

A list of all-new features work further to make CRM processes as seamless as possible. 

What’s currently available with the relaunch:
  • Custom Views - allow representatives to customize their inbox views for flexibility and efficiency.
  • Mobile Helpdesk - easier access to your inbox when you aren’t on your desktop.
  • Customer Portal - automatically track customer tickets, enjoy easier follow-through with customer conversations, and access your company’s Knowledge Base in one place.
  • Omni-channel channel switching - seamlessly switch from live chat of Facebook Messenger to an email thread, without losing any conversation history. 
  • Post Chat Feedback - capture immediate feedback on customer service calls, with customer satisfaction questionnaires directly within the customer chat function.
  • Custom Surveys - send targeted follow-up questions to customers by customizing surveys.
  • SLAs - the community’s most-requested addition; create service level agreements directly within Service Hub with options to establish working hours, response time, visualize SLA planning, create custom reports, and automate agreements. 
  • Post-Chat Feedback - immediately acquire feedback from customers with customer satisfaction questionnaires incorporated directly into the chat at the end of a conversation. 
You can also expect to see a number of additional Service Hub features that are currently in beta, including:
  • Inbound Calling - purchase a phone number through Service Hub for service and sales seats, receive inbound calls on a personal device, call customers and log conversations directly within the Hub.  
  • Conversation APIs - integrate new conversation channels into HubSpot, centralize service data by pulling data into or out of HubSpot, and develop custom workflows on conversations.
Why Service Hub Beats Out-Dated Customer Service Models

As of 2021, over 90% of Americans agree that customer service marks a defining factor in choosing a brand. With customer expectations only increasing, no company should compromise its customer satisfaction due to low bandwidth or inefficient service operations–and this requires businesses to remain adaptable for their customers, rather than expecting customers to settle for out-dated customer service models. 

HubSpot remains consistently perceptive of these trends, working to rethink old business operations models which no longer cater to the flexibility that companies need today.  

Service Hub Unifies Teams, and Works Beyond the Customer Service Department:

Even some of the latest CRM and marketing automation softwares that claim efficiency fail to unify internal operations and customer data across a company’s many departments. Many businesses find their customer relations compromised by this issue of isolation. One common result involves separate teams and departments repeating processes or falling out of sync, which not only wastes valuable time, but disengages customers.Service Hub situates itself not simply within a company’s customer service department, but works across marketing and sales teams to address the pain points created by these gaps. With new and improved features like post-chat feedback, conversation forwarding, and conversation APIs, customer interactions become more than a facet of your service team, but also provide valuable insights to other areas of your business:

  • Service Hub + Sales Hub -With Service Hub, integration with Sales Hub can make your lead generation efforts more effective, and keep sales reps up-to-speed with customer expectations and needs. 
  • Service Hub + Marketing Hub - Utilize information from Service Hub’s Customer Surveys and instant feedback to strategize on improving retention; increase customer engagement with Knowledge hub.
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