HubSpot’s Free Tools for Service Professionals 

If you want to provide prime customer service, your first step is obtaining a single source of truth on your customer data. Hubspot’s CRM (customer relationship management) products are a great option for those seeking a seamless integration of your services team and other business departments. HubSpot’s Service Hub offers comprehensive customer service software capabilities in a variety of different packages so you can choose what subscription level best fits your needs.

Not ready to commit to a regular Service Hub subscription? Luckily, anyone can also enjoy access to several free Service Hub tools. So, if you need to test the waters with customer service software, HubSpot’s free service tools are a great place to start. 

Free Tools

Whether your customer service team is in its infancy or fully fledged, HubSpot makes it easy to try out their service tools without commitment, so you can see how Service Hub will work for you.

HubSpot’s free service tools

  • Ticketing & Help Desk - Keep track of customer requests and make it easier to decide which tickets to prioritize. Soon enough, an efficient ticketing process will shorten the time it takes you to respond to customers and satisfy customer needs with more advanced solutions. 
  • Team email - Stay on top of shared email threads and respond more quickly with a shared email alias and universal inbox. That way, your service team will never miss another email again.  
  • Live chat - Answer customers’ questions in real time. Add HubSpot’s live chat to your website to provide better support, gain more leads, and close more deals. 
  • Email templates - With dozens of free email templates, you can enjoy a professional and engaging look to your company’s emails without a huge time commitment.
  • Calling - Calling software’s can quickly get confusing and expensive. HubSpot’s free calling software allows you to make calls directly through your browser and connect with customers through your HubSpot account, cutting out the need for additional third party platforms.
  • Email and chat to ticket - Integrated within the Ticketing & Help Desk, create tickets automatically from emails or chats that come in from customers. That way, you won’t forget to add tickets later, and you’ll never leave a customer hanging with no response. 
  • Chatbots - Build chatbots that can manage customer support problems, schedule meetings, facilitate one-to-one conversations, and create tickets without any coding knowledge at all. 
  • Meeting scheduling - Integrate HubSpot’s free meeting scheduling tool on your website to cut down on manual administration and scheduling. 
  • Reporting - Access a number of free dashboards and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your services protocol. 
  • Invoice Template Generator - Utilize free invoice templates to bill clients efficiently, effectively, and professionally. 

Check Out HubSpot’s Knowledge Base

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of customer service best practices and approaches? HubSpot’s Knowledge Base is a great place to start. 

Knowledge Base provides a database of free-to-access articles and instructional tutorials to help you navigate HubSpot and make the most of your subscriptions. 

Still need more guidance on building up your customer services processes, or strengthening other teams within your organization? As a proud platinum HubSpot partner, Inbound AV is happy to provide guidance on all things HubSpot. 

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