How Single Send API Streamlines Performance Between E-Commerce and HubSpot

New HubSpot Features Enhance Existing Customizations

With HubSpot’s ecosystem constantly evolving, new features are always popping up to solve common challenges. A high volume of consistent updates means that all HubSpot users can find value in specific updates that meet their unique needs. 

As a HubSpot Solutions partner since 2019, we can’t help but reflect on some of the more recent updates that have posed significant opportunities for our client base. Features like HubSpot’s Single Send API mark huge strides towards powerful marketing solutions for E-Commerce. We’ve taken the Single Send API update into consideration and broken down how this feature introduced in 2023 responds to challenges we have seen over the previous 4 years as a Solutions Partner. 


A couple of years ago, our client Professional Audio Design, Inc. came to us with a need: run a marketing campaign to encourage customers to purchase in-stock gear. With a Shopify store of thousands of products, driving sales on items that were already in the warehouse and ready to ship made for an efficient addition to their overall marketing and sales strategy. This would also increase the likelihood of contacts seeing deals that met their interests out of Pro Audio Design’s vast collection of gear. 

In order to highlight specific gear, we needed to reach contacts with regular marketing emails that presented this curated selection of products. To prevent the need for tedious manual entry of each product into a given marketing email, it was necessary to implement a solution that allowed for automatic population of these products, adaptable enough to update in real-time whenever the product list changed. With limitations at the time, HubSpot did not include a direct solution to achieve this function.

Our Solution

We developed a custom integrated application between Shopify and HubSpot entitled Gearfeed. A Gearfeed webpage was created on Pro Audio Design’s website, where their team would add whatever products they wanted to highlight at the time. This served the dual function of housing all Gearfeed products in a single category on the website, as well as providing a data stream to the Gearfeed marketing emails in HubSpot. The app would work to populate an email template in HubSpot that fetched products from the Gearfeed landing page in the client’s Shopify store. Manual work involved the curation of the Gearfeed landing page in Shopify, along with any desired tweaks to a given email that was created by template, before scheduling each marketing email for sending. Ultimately, the custom integration cut down the time required to create each Gearfeed marketing email significantly, from around 5 hours per email to less than an hour per email. The Gearfeed campaign became a longstanding facet of Pro Audio Design’s marketing strategy, reaching customers with highly sellable gear on a regular basis. Given the tools that were available to us at the time, InboundAV’s development team offered a highly customized solution for a curated user experience. 


The introduction of HubSpot's Single Send API in 2023 has been a game-changer. For E-Commerce campaigns like Pro Audio Design's, this new tool provides opportunities to fetch not just the latest curated product list as a whole, but to identify products related to each contact’s personal activity history. Instead of simply sending all customers an identical marketing email with the same product list, HubSpot users can automatically send a unique email  to each contact based on their activity data. Every email sent from the integration can be as unique as the recipient, with content tailored to their previous interactions, purchases, and expressed interests. 

Personalized emails generated through the Single Send API mean higher open and click-through rates, deeper engagement, and, ultimately, increased loyalty and sales. E-Commerce businesses can expect a more streamlined communication process, where emails are no longer just blasts to a user base but targeted conversations with individuals. In addition, for marketing employees, this means liberation from the time-consuming tasks of manual email drafting and segmentation. 

About InboundAV

As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, winner of the 2023 HubSpot Impact Award for Platform Excellence, and a recipient of the Custom Integration Accreditation, InboundAV is equipped to assist businesses in utilizing HubSpot to its fullest capacity. With the expansiveness of the HubSpot ecosystem comes a high level of customization. Our unique expertise can help you leverage the features most beneficial to your business, and keep up to date with frequent updates and improvements to ensure you’re always making the most of your HubSpot subscription. 

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