HubSpot Business Units: A Transformation for Multi-Brand Management

With HubSpot’s recent updates, expanded Business Units functionality has become a game-changer for businesses managing multiple brands or subsidiaries under one roof. In this article, we'll dive into the evolution of Business Units, highlighting how these updates can streamline operations and improve brand management, especially for companies that juggle multiple interconnected brands.

Business Units


It’s not uncommon that we encounter clients with the need to house closely intertwined sister companies under one HubSpot account, or with plans to launch multiple campaigns that need to run in parallel with one another. Whatever the circumstances, many HubSpot users previously encountered the challenges of managing marketing content for all of their business units, juggling some cross-posted content and some exclusive content. With a number of related companies overlapping on product inventory and services, our client Pro Audio Design, Inc. found themselves utilizing 4 separate business units, each with a unique brand identity and target audience. This also created the need to develop unique content for each business unit, which we initially handled by establishing separate campaigns and contact lists for each business unit.  

This approach not only consumed valuable time but also risked inconsistencies in brand messaging and customer engagement.


With the new Business Units feature, users can now select their business units directly from the account navigation, allowing businesses like Pro Audio Design, Inc. to maintain context as they navigate across tools and applications supporting business units.

With easily managed business units, users can enjoy better connection of the units, more streamlined content management, more effective use of units to meet target audiences, and saved time.

Here’s how the updated functionality transforms multi-brand management:

  • Centralized Brand Management: Business units can be accessed directly from the account navigation, allowing for easy switching and management of different brands. This centralized approach means that HubSpot users can maintain context as they navigate across various tools and applications supporting their business units, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient workflow.
  • Streamlined Content Management: Users can now associate assets such as domains, forms, pages, and campaigns with specific business units, keeping everything organized by brand. This means that within a single account, each business unit can have its own distinct content and marketing assets, tailored to its unique audience, without the need for separate accounts or repetitive setup processes.
  • Enhanced Customization: The updated feature allows for more granular customization, enabling businesses to maintain unique branding for each unit. Whether it's customizing email templates or setting up distinct landing pages, users can ensure that each business unit maintains its distinct identity while benefiting from centralized management.
  • Efficient Target Audience Management: With the ability to associate specific assets with business units, companies can more effectively target their marketing efforts to the appropriate audiences. This ensures that users can deliver more relevant and personalized content to their customers, improving engagement and conversion rates.

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