HubSpot’s Commerce Hub: Taking E-commerce to the Next Level

HubSpot introduced Commerce Hub at this year’s Inbound conference. Essentially, Commerce Hub is a repackaging of existing features, with the addition of some new features, aiming to bring commerce front and center within the CRM. 

Commerce Hub sets forth an easy-to-use B2B commerce suite inside of HubSpot. It helps you streamline your opportunity-to-revenue process to get paid faster, increase revenue, and save time. With quoting, payments, reporting and customer data all in one place, all your necessary insights and automation capabilities are easily accessible and more functional. 

Payment processing options in Commerce Hub

HubSpot wants to give its customers flexibility in choosing their payment processor. Currently, Commerce Hub works with Stripe for payment processing and can be used with customers’ existing payment gateway via Stripe with no additional fees. For those without a processor or who want to switch, HubSpot also offers its own native payment processing solution called HubSpot Payments. Going forward, HubSpot plans to integrate more payment processors into Commerce Hub so that customers can easily use whatever payment system they prefer.

What are some popular Commerce Hub Features?

One-time and recurring payment links, invoicing, subscription management, revenue tools, and B2B checkout make some of Commerce Hub’s current most popular features. Many QuickBooks Online users also enjoy HubSpot’s QuickBooks integration which syncs invoice, customer, and product data.

Commerce Hub has both free features and additive features that become unlocked with other Hub subscriptions. 

Features that do not require an additional HubSpot subscription, but do require an integrated Stripe account:

    • Invoices
    • Payment links
    • Quotes
    • Subscriptions
    • B2B checkout
    • Product Library
    • Stripe payment processing integration

Features that require another HubSpot subscription type include:

  • E-signature (requires Sales Hub Starter or above)
  • HubSpot payment processing (currently available to US-based companies, requires a Starter or above of any Hub, and application approval)
  • Custom billing automation (requires a Professional subscription to Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub)
  • Simple revenue reporting (requires a Starter or above subscription to any Hub)
  • Custom revenue reporting (requires a Professional or above subscription to any Hub)

Who can access Commerce Hub?

As of September 6, 2023, Commerce Hub is accessible to all customers in the United States who are on the free tier or a paid tier. Commerce Hub will become available globally over the next few quarters. International customers who want access to Commerce Hub can sign up on a waitlist to be notified when it launches in their region.

Will Commerce Hub have any tiers?

Commerce Hub will not have any tiers. There will be some limits within Commerce Hub, e.g.: a customer must have a  Starter+ hub to be able to use HubSpot Payments. We will document these limits on the Pricing Page, P&S Catalog, and Product Specific Terms. 

HubSpot is placing a greater emphasis on commerce with the launch of its new Commerce Hub feature. This includes introducing a new Invoice tool as part of Commerce Hub to streamline billing.

Commerce Hub will support Stripe in addition to HubSpot Payments for processing transactions, with plans to expand payment processor options over time. While Commerce Hub is initially only available to US customers, HubSpot intends to make it accessible globally in the coming months and will have an international waitlist for early access.

Considering Commerce Hub? InboundAV can help! 

Overall, Commerce Hub represents a major expansion of HubSpot's commerce capabilities. With all the needed features to run your commerce processes under one roof, you will have all the tools you need to grow better!
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