From AI-Powered Guided Actions that prioritize your workflow to triggered workflows for seamless automation, HubSpot is here to help you optimize your pipeline building and outreach strategies. Read on to learn more about how HubSpot's latest updates can benefit you.

AI-Powered Guided Actions for Prospecting

AI-Powered Guided Actions represent a prioritized workflow for a salesperson. Guided Actions track buyer engagement and monitor lead data across HubSpot, providing reps with a prioritized list of actions to optimize pipeline building.

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Why Does it Matter?

Successful sales representatives are always on the lookout for the most impactful actions they can take to enhance pipeline building. However, the challenges of generating leads, coupled with a lack of proper training, often lead sellers to rely on intuition rather than data for decision-making. This presents two key issues:

  1. Salespeople miss out on key signals or opportunities that may go unnoticed or completely ignored.
  2. Salespeople don’t always know what they should be doing next to optimize  pipeline building.

By following guided actions, you can navigate around these typical obstacles with a smarter, more efficient, and scalable approach to building your pipeline. This ultimately leads to increased success and advancement in your sales efforts.

Trigger a Workflow from a Playbook Submission


Users can now trigger a workflow associated with a specific object from a playbook submission.

Why Does It Matter?

Enhanced workflow triggering capabilities improves:

Efficiency – Automation streamlines workflows, making them more efficient and error-free by removing manual tasks. This not only saves time and effort but also allows reps to focus on strategic activities, ultimately boosting productivity and success.

Consistency - Automating workflows not only guarantees a seamless and standardized process for managing playbook submissions but also aids reps in adhering to best practices across the team, fostering a culture of consistency and excellence.

Task Management - Automated workflows streamline the entire process of managing workflows, making it more efficient and error-free.

Scalability - As businesses expand, automation becomes the key to effectively scaling the playbook submission process.

Weighted Rotation option in Meeting Rotations

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You can now create a weighted rotation for booking meetings through the CRM! Meeting rotations can be created with a weighted distribution so that you can better allocate your meetings to the right team members.

All-New Customer Success Workspace

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This innovative workspace is specifically crafted to support customer success managers, serving as a daily task reminder, allowing customization of essential segments for outreach prioritization, and facilitating activity monitoring for key accounts.

HubSpot's AI-Powered Guided Actions, triggered workflows, weighted meeting rotations, and the all-new Customer Success Workspace save time and add immense value for HubSpot users. By providing prioritized workflows, enhancing efficiency, ensuring consistency, and promoting scalability, these tools empower sales reps and customer success managers to optimize their pipeline building and outreach efforts. As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, InboundAV knows first hand how HubSpot's commitment to ongoing platform improvement benefits its customers. Interested in leveraging recent HubSpot updates for your business? Book a meeting with us to learn more about what HubSpot features might serve you. 

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