InboundAV’s Accelerated Velocity theme, our first contribution to the HubSpot CMS Marketplace, is officially here. 

At InboundAV, we have the privilege of working closely with clients and partners, witnessing firsthand the impact that a well-crafted theme can have on a business's growth strategy and online presence. With Accelerated Velocity, our goal was to create a theme that compiles good practices and the most-used solutions we develop for our clients and makes them available for the community. For free. 

Accelerated Velocity is a fully drag-and-drop theme with customizable features that allows you to personalize it to your brand's identity, and build pages that meet your specific business goals and cater to the right experience for your users. 

Our theme features:

  • Multi-language capabilities
  • 100% mobile-friendly design out of the box
  • Mega-menu options
  • 7-page templates and 16 to help your inbound marketing strategy.
  • 33 Modules and 5 sections to help you build the most-used layouts and functionalities, such as Horizontal Tabs Module, Vertical Tabs Module, Testimonial Slider, Accordion Module, Fancy Header, and more.

Committed to grow by helping our clients and partners grow, we offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation before you download the theme to learn about your business needs and guide you on how best to customize the theme to meet your goals. Once you install it, you'll have access to theme updates and 1 on 1 support during our launch period.

Accelerated Velocity results from IAV's unwavering dedication to helping businesses thrive. Head over to the HubSpot Asset Marketplace and Accelerated Velocity today.

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