Whether you already use Hubspot for your business or not, you’re going to want to know about the newly-dropped Operations Hub. Operations Hub is a new product from Hubspot that syncs and streamlines your business data. The new tool allows operations teams to automate a large portion of business interactions, such as customer data entry and internal company communication by joining together third-party applications in one place. Ultimately, can streamline daily tasks and promote organization, leaving the time and space to focus on growth-based operation ventures. 

Here’s what to know about the new services Operations Hub brings:

Hubspot has been a trustworthy platform for inbound marketing services for a while now. Operations Hub marks the newest addition to Hubspot’s software, which also includes software for sales, CMS, marketing, and customer service. 

Operations Hub brings new opportunities to the Hubspot experience by focusing on actual business interactions and customer data. The software links customer data to daily business automations, allowing your business to “adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers,” according to Hubspot. 

Operations Hub syncs information from many of the applications your business might use, such as Square, Mailchimp, Microsoft 365, and more. This allows feedback from a wide variety of different platforms to all be seen in one place, through Hubspot. 

With custom coding, the software can also work to automate a variety of both internal and external business processes. This can also be used to communicate with team members, coordinate through third party platforms such as Slack, and ultimately make for more unified, streamlined daily business operations.

How can these features help my business?

Softwares like Operations Hub can streamline feedback from multiple platforms into one source of data. With clearer, more consolidated information, your business can focus more time on development, upwards growth, and customer satisfaction. 

The software’s automation possibilities also provide for a way to unify your business internally. On top of organizing data, the software can help organize team interactions and keep everybody on the same page. 

What about pricing?

Like the rest of Hubspot’s services, you can try out a limited version of Operations Hub for free! If you find that Operations Hub proves critical to your business flow, subscriptions to the software come in two price points. 

A starter subscription comes in at $50 per month, while a professional subscription costing $800. Clearly, the services vary widely depending on the size and needs of your business. 

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