2024 keeps bringing great HubSpot Updates to scale your business. Check out the latest features introduced to HubSpot in February 2024 🙌

HUBSPOT’s LATEST: Explore the Legacy CTA Migration and More!

HubSpot unveils four impactful updates aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality. Discover the Legacy CTA Migration feature, a new "Record Source" property for all records, an integration enabling users to view purchased products directly from contact records, and the Activity Log for Individual Lists. Read more for in-depth insights into each update.

Legacy CTA Migration feature [Public Beta–Live Soon]

The Legacy CTA Migration feature facilitates the transition from Legacy CTAs to the new CTAs tool. As the Legacy CTAs are scheduled for discontinuation by the end of 2024, this update is designed to make the migration process simple and user-friendly.

To migrate, users navigate to MH-Lead Capture - CTAs, choose Legacy CTAs, and select "Replace with new CTA" for the desired CTA. The migration wizard offers options to either clone the Legacy CTA or use an existing new CTA as a replacement. Cloning allows customization based on HTML, button module, or image module CTAs. Using an existing CTA involves selecting a CTA 2.0 to replace the Legacy CTA.

The migration process covers various instances where the CTA is used, such as campaigns, emails, pages, workflows, lists, templates, and custom modules. Lists migration offers options like 'Copy,' 'Update,' or 'Do nothing.' Once the migration is complete, the Legacy CTA is marked as 'Migrated' on the dashboard. Users can track migration status, access historical data, and rerun migration for failed instances. Note that after migration, the Legacy CTA becomes unusable in pages, emails, workflows, and lists but remains accessible in the dashboard for reference even after the scheduled sunset.


View Products Purchased from the Contact or Company Record [Public Beta]


As of February 2, 2024, a new integration feature has been introduced, enabling users to conveniently view the products purchased by customers directly from the contact or company record. This product history card eliminates the need for laborious methods of checking individual deals and performing mental calculations to understand customer purchase patterns.



Users can access the product history card in the middle panel of the contact or company record, providing insights into the products associated with the customer's last 100 deals. The card is also applicable to the new orders object. To implement this feature, users can follow provided instructions during the beta, customizing tabs, and adding the product history card to the desired location.

This enhancement is particularly valuable for understanding customer preferences, identifying popular items, and tracking expenditure patterns. The feature is now accessible to all hubs and tiers, streamlining the process of retrieving crucial information about customer product history.

New Source Property On All CRM Records [Live]

HubSpot has introduced a "Record Source" property for all records, providing users with detailed information on how each record was originally created. This feature addresses historical challenges in pinpointing the source of a record within HubSpot, where users had to rely on ambiguous original source properties. 

Previously, these properties grouped various common sources into a confusing "offline sources" category, making it challenging to obtain key context about a record's creation. 

The new "Record Source" property can be utilized for filtering data and generating reports, enhancing user efficiency. It is visible in the left sidebar of portals that haven't been customized and can be accessed by clicking "view all properties" on a record page. This feature, inclusive of three years' worth of backfilled data, is available to all hubs and tiers.


Activity Log for Individual Lists [Public Beta]

A new feature has been introduced to HubSpot that allows users to easily track and monitor key changes within individual lists through the Activity Log. Users can now access information such as when a list was created, edited, deleted, or restored, as well as its usage in other tools like ads, workflows, or reports. Notifications, conversions from active to static, and the identities of individuals performing these actions are also visible.



This enhancement is crucial for companies experiencing growth, providing the means to manage and comprehend significant events influencing changes in essential lists. 

To utilize this feature, users can navigate to any list, click on the new Activity tab, and view a comprehensive history of events. The information can be exported if necessary, and a specific event can be located by clicking on "All event types." This feature is available to all hubs and tiers.

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