Google integrations in HubSpot: Search Console

Google business suite offers powerful analytics that can serve as sources of truth for your company's data. But if you're a HubSpot user, you’ll want to have access to revealing information directly within the platform. Unifying your data within HubSpot makes it easier to access and utilize. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up the Google Search Console integration and bring SEO data from Google into HubSpot.

What you’ll need: 

  • Marketing Hub Professional/Enterprise, CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise, or legacy Marketing Hub Basic
  • Super admin access to your team’s HubSpot account
  • A Google Search Console account associated with your business

Step by step on how to set up GSC plugging in HubSpot

Step 1: In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace icon in the main navigation bar. Click in “App marketplace”

blog pic 1-1

Step 2: There, look for “Google Search Console” on the search box of HubSpot marketplace:

blog pic 2-1

Step 3: Go into the app and click on “Install app” button

blog pic 3-1

Step 4: Once installed, you can start adding websites to be tracked from the HubSpot dashboard:

blog pic 4

Step 5: They should look something like this:

blog pic b


→ Pro tip: In order to “Add” urls, the same super admin has to both install the plugin and add the URLs. This can be confusing, as you do not have to have super admin access to complete the initial installation. If a non-super admin installs the plugin, neither them nor a separate super admin will be able to complete the next steps. So, anticipate ahead of time that whoever does this work is 1) a Super Admin and 2) the same person who installed the plugin. It’s also important that this admin has access to your website’s GSC account. 

Step 6: With everything set up correctly, allow for 24 hours for HubSpot to collect data from GSC. 

Step 7: To view results, navigate to marketing→ Website → SEO. 

blog pic 7

Step 8: Navigate to the new Analyze tab:

blog pic 8

Step 9: Look for the property you want to see:

blog pic 9


Step 10: Select the link you want to view data for:

blog pic 10


Voila! You are now seeing GSC information about your website from your HubSpot account:

blog pic 11

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