We’ve all been there – it’s time to send out your new email campaign or design a new sales process with the client’s start and end point in mind, yet no matter what you change the conversion rate remains the same. There is an unspoken secret in the world of digital marketing and interestingly enough, it lies within the data collected. For many marketers, the simple resources that come standard with auto responders are decent at tracking, but they mostly collect information based on general events. What if I told you there were automated ways to collect more valuable customer data that can instantly trigger advanced placement within a CRM process?

Luckily for us, there is.

PlusThis provides a seamless solution for laying out your next campaign that allows you to better stage the customer conversion process. Whether you want to focus on tracking, triggers, scarcity, SMS, webinar processes, etc., this easy-to-use platform has you covered.

Here are some of the groundbreaking features we’ll cover…

  • Conversion Based
  • Facebook Based
  • SMS Based
  • Date Based
  • Automation Based
  • Analytics Based

Conversion – the ability to craft campaigns for individuals based on their current phase within any given funnel.

The unique ability to trigger actions has an incredible impact on the customer process, from smart links that allow multiple destinations, to video view duration triggers. PlusThis has the capability of tracking clients and positioning them in specific placements.

Say your prospect is not convinced on the amount of credibility your company offers. No problem, segment them to land on a specific testimonial page. This may provide additional information that builds rapport with your brand, all while other contacts steer clear of losing interest.

Facebook – Facebook marketing is incredibly beneficial, if you understand the process of retargeting that is.

PlusThis integrates effortlessly into the Facebook ads manager so you can sync your CRM contacts to Facebook custom audiences. This is hugely efficient for campaign development; also the feature “Facebook lead trigger” automatically syncs the leads from ads to your CRM system.

SMS – When email does not produce the instant feedback we desire.

The SMS feature of PlusThis delivers the mass automation we like in our email campaigns, yet adds the element of instant attention from text messaging. PlusThis SMS sequences automate placement for contacts with a text-opt-in feature as well as tags contacts based on their responses. This is very valuable when you need to qualify leads quickly or to develop a better understanding of particular client preferences.

If you do not want to create a complete automation, you can simply send one-off SMS messages for reminders, tips and hints or other one-way use cases.

Dates – timeframes can be difficult to track and remain consistent, whether in the process of creating scarcity, begining and ending sales, or tracking events.

The date-based features within PlusThis produce a system to track information based on date, create custom countdown times, and display a consistent evergreen date — all while easily integrating into multiple areas. Say for instance you are running a sale for customers who purchased a specific product, but you only want the offer to last for a specific amount of time, you may send multiple emails with the countdown timer automatically counting down, creating urgency within the viewer.

Automation – the one construction that most of the time makes or breaks a company’s client relationship.

Because of the vast amount of desired outcomes produced within automation, it is always beneficial to clearly outline the starting point of customers and the steps to nurture them to a designed endpoint. One of the quickest ways to take clients from point A to B is by conducting live webinar teachings.

That’s why PlusThis created an incredible feature that integrates with some of the industry’s leading webinar platforms. Not only does it integrate quickly, but it also automates the contact tracking and sends specific messages for registrations, progress updates, and follow-ups.

Analytics – an interesting part of marketing that may sometimes be overlooked, is useful for tracking the behaviors of your audience.

Have you ever found customers consistently searching on your website and, once failing to find the information needed, proceeding to fill your inbox with questions? If so, this feature is for you! You can manually or automatically set a schedule to export saved searches to a Google sheet. This means you’re not only gaining valuable insight to your customers’ needs, but also combatting repetitive questions and concerns.

PlusThis Certification

Not only does the platform combat headaches, but it also offers a certification process that showcases a live overview of the options available. Having gone through the training myself, I must say the teachings provide valuable insights to features I may have previously overlooked.

Overall, PlusThis creates a much more organized experience for contacts, taking away pressure and producing results in a more centralized system. Instead of dealing with frustration from information and customization overload, your attention can be better placed on nurturing contacts through tracked phases. With this platform you have the ability to quickly outline the stages of awareness, consideration, and purchase, resulting in consistent viewing of the valuable content you have to produce.