Inbound AV’s lead designer Madison Revell returns to the NAMM Show this Friday, providing new insights on intuitive site design and its powerful impact on customer engagement.

A fresh follow-up to last year’s deep dive into common pitfalls when setting up a new website, this year’s presentation, “How to Keep Customers Engaged With Your Website,” emphasizes the financial benefits of innovative design. Revell asserts that earn ing a potential customer’s interest requires more than simply posting quality content — in fact, the credibility of a company is often judged solely by the look and feel of its website.

Complete with recent data on general site activity and customer behavior, Revell outlines specific keys to boosting user engagement and the consequences of neglecting an effective visual presence. Revell’s presentation also addresses both the estimated cost of messy UX design and the rules all efficient interfaces must employ to amplify conversion rates up to 400%.

A proponent of simplicity over stuffing web pages full of information, Revell’s experience in building user interfaces includes tips to avoid overcomplication, allow space for visual “breathing room” and provide potential customers with easy-to-locate calls to action. In this 30-minute presentation, marketers from every vertical will be able to self-assess their business’ current UI and quickly identify visual strengths and weaknesses.

Revell is a professional graphic designer who specializes in web design and branding, and has worked as lead designer at Inbound AV since 2018. Her expertise in refreshing brands in the digital space has earned this NAMM veteran a spot in the 2020 show, to be presented live on Friday, January 17, 2020 at 12-12:30pm in the ACC, Level 1, Lobby, NAMM Idea Center.

The NAMM-U idea center features free educational sessions focused on effective marketing practices. Our team is proud to announce this year that two such presentations, containing valuable instruction for marketing professionals, designers and entrepreneurs looking to polish their online presence, will be delivered by Inbound AV founder and CEO Peter Malick and lead Inbound AV designer Madison Revell.